Welcome to my place!

This site is dedicated to primitive skills, bushcraft and other aspects of outdoors life.

You will find info on making shelters, how to light a fire, finding food in the wild, info on knives and other outdoor equipment and a lot of other things.

I’ve been fishing, hunting and doing “bushcraft” almost all my life and most of this site is a summary of the experiences and skills I’ve picked up trough this time.

The site will as such mostly contain information and skills for use in the northern regions of Scandinavia, but also skills that are universal.

I have chosen to write this site in English as most people browsing the net read and understand this language.

I hope you will find the information on this site useful.


Also visit my picture GALLERY with pictures from some of my trips outdoors.


Tor Helge Bygjordet.




A new site is under construction. Thats why the site was

Last edited in February 2014.

The new site will hopefully be in place fall 2014.




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